Day thirty-two -- the debut of PreBabel (Chinese) at AP Annual Conference 2007 (CollegeBoard).

      Question -- from "Trailsend" -- If PB's encodings do not provide intuitive interpretations of their meanings, they have no advantage over natural vocabulary.

            Answer -- Intuitive, what do you mean?
            In binary arithmetics, 1 + 1 = 10. Is this intuitive? not to me. I must learn it.
            In Elliptic geometry, for any given line, there is no line can ever parallel to it. Is this intuitive? Not to me.
            In Relativity theory, the time (the actual watch) will slow down in a speed travel. Is this intuitive? Not to me.
            The Formal Logic is nothing but logic. Yet, many students fail this course.
            The mathematics is nothing but logic. Yet, many people are afraid of studying it.

            Everyone loves the football game. are the rules of the game intuitive? If it is not, then must it not be understood by an average person?

            If "intuitive" means not needing of learning and it comes with birth, such as, knowing to eat, to sleep, etc., then PreBabel fails your criterion. The PreBabel is a science which has some basic rules which must be learned.

      Question -- from "Trailsend" -- Firstly, because as mentioned, you have not shared any data about the studies upon which you base the claim.

      I have no reason to believe that learning PB (Chinese) is any easier than learning Chinese.

            Answer -- Even facts are not intuitively knowable. I showed those supporting links many times; yet, you still "have no reason to believe that learning PB (Chinese) is any easier than learning Chinese." The PreBabel (Chinese) was presented at AP Annual Conference 2007 (CollegeBoard) in Las Vegas on July 13, 2007 to over 90 Chinese language professors and teachers (teaching Chinese language in American universities and American high schools). The records of that event is available at,

Signature --
PreBabel is the true universal language, it is available at

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