Day forty-eight -- about China's language policy

      [quote from Trailsend] with Tienzen's description of hierarchy in the "Life" universe, by which presumably he means "biological." From a biological standpoint, as Svid points out, humans are classed under kingdom Animalia, and their biological processes are the same. Moving into other spheres like ethics, sociology, or psychology certainly changes the ball game--but Svid was making no claims there. He just thought that, within the sphere of biology, Tienzen's hierarchy was not valid. [/quote]

            You are claiming that you are going to do research of some sorts, and then, you have no excuse for the mistake that you are making here. There are three basic skills for doing any kind of research.
               1. the ability of "distinguishing" -- able to distinguish different objects or topics from "one" messy glob.
               2. the ability of "connecting" -- able to connect or link the related objects or topics which are seemingly unrelated and separated far apart.
               3. the ability of "not presuming" before a through research

            Why are you "presuming" that the hierarchy in my life universe is about biological? In fact, I indicated it otherwise. And, those indications are explicit and strong.

            In the parallel listing for the clinging or sticking, they are,
               1. Physical universe --> gravitation
               2. life universe --> food-chain
               3. human universe --> love
               4. etc.

            So, what is the hierarchy of life universe that I was talking about? A true researcher will definitely not presume that the "biological" is the answer. In fact, you have a disconnection on this yourself.

      [quote from trailsend] Which is to say, as Khagan mentioned, it is quite irrelevant to the discussion at hand. Even if Svid is right, at best it negates a very minor point that could be argued in any number of other ways.

      You said that Chinese government is planning to return to the traditional character set in 10 years to take the advantages of it being a PreBabel (Chinese).

      I wasn't aware the government had made this decision. When did this happen? [/quote]

            Are you able to read Chinese newspaper? The catch phrase for China's high officials on this issue is, NOW, "Reading the traditional (character set), writing the simplified."

            Anyone who learns traditional is able to pickup the simplified with ease, but it cannot be the other way around. The fact is that knowing the mother knows the son but not other way around. And, the simplified is the son of the traditional. Thus, the traditional must be learned and cannot be picked up.

            Politically, China cannot discredit her "greatest" political achievement over night, and it must be weaseled out honorably, such as, under the cover for promoting the unification between Taiwan and China.

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